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another day another exciting DGST project done!

Our most recent project was taking an article and basically “reading horizontally”, which I don’t think I can explain in a way that would make sense. We all would be better if I just didn’t try that. I’ll explain the process instead!

My group and I took this article from vox.com (link at bottom) about Trump asking the names of the DOE employees who worked on climate issues, and were looking into if this article/information it held was true.

Next we looked at other websites that wrote articles about the same claim. We found the same things from websites like bloomberg, NPR, ABC, CNN, etc.

We didn’t look too much into the actual claim that he asked for the names of the employees once we confirmed that he actually did. The fact that he asked for the names was really just a subpoint in a bigger point Trump was making, and we didn’t want to dive too much into the politics around our claim.

But once we had confirmed our article was a true claim, we filled out our wiki on digipo (link also below). Digipo itself was a little confusing to navigate as it was under maintenance while we were trying to add information. But once that issue was solved it was a little easier.

Over all the project was a success!

link to Vox article:(http://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2016/12/9/13903860/trump-energy-department-climate-memo)

link to digipo: http://digipo.io/doku.php?id=digipo:analysis:trump_doe#origin_and_prevalence

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