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For our third module in DGST101, it was sort of a two part project.

The first part was picking a methodology module, and then presenting it on an HTML we had coded. Which means you not only have to figure out how to do the things required for methodology, but successfully code something. We had brushed on coding at the beginning of the year, and if I could give myself one piece of advice, it would be to pay attention to coding the whole year, and not leave it till the end. But in true college student fashion, I saved learning to code until it was absolutely necessary.

Truth be told, as confusing as it seemed at first, I really enjoyed coding! I think it was the combination of learning something I thought I could never do, and also building something from nothing, and getting to see the progress in real time. I really liked sort of getting to play around with it, refresh the page, and see what I had just done.

For the methodology module, I took all the pictures I had from any vacations/trips I had been on, and made them into one picture. And then I kinda described how I did it, what I used, and what the final product had turned out to look like.

I enjoyed this module the best, because I feel like its the one I can show off the most. It’s definitely the one I put the most work into, but it’s the one I am most proud of. I’m excited to use coding more now.

My final product can be found at


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