Dissecting a frog…

So we didn’t actually dissect a frog.

But we DID dissect a VCR!

Our assignment was to take an old electronic device and break it apart, and find out where every piece was from!

It sounded not too bad in the beginning, but it turns out chip research is not my cup of tea.

Not to say that I didn’t enjoy it!

I was actually pretty fascinated finding out how much work actually goes into one device. The chips inside come from all over the world, and have so much information about them that it’s crazy to think about.

Our old VCR was from 2002 and the chips inside ranged from Taiwan to California to New York to Japan. It’s strange to think about these little things taking up so much effort to get for one device.

The project was time consuming and tricky, mainly because I think I was learning new skills (how to read chips) and then jumping right into practicing them.

There was a lot of guess work, but some of the guesses actually ended up creating a link between other guesses. For example, finding the chip’s manufacturer, finding out where their factories are located, and then piecing together which factory the specific chip you have came from.

Moral of the story: I have a lot more respect for these tiny little chip dudes than I did before.

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