module 2- creativity. couldn’t think of a more creative title…

(Disclaimer- this has been sitting in my drafts waiting for me to remember to publish it. Better late than never?)

For our second module, my group and i focused on the selfie!

We focused on the history of the selfie, and its importance in social media presence for both personal use and business use. The quote below is something we found that particularly struck us in our research.

“The more pictures you post of yourself promoting a certain identity—buff, sexy, adventurous, studious, funny, daring, etc.—the more likely it is that others will endorse this identity of you.”

we even added tips on how to get the perfect selfie.

It was fun taking something usually associated with being silly and looking at it through different lenses.

This is our final presentation, feel free to take a look.


html headache

<title> is this how you do it?</title>

For our third module in DGST101, it was sort of a two part project.

The first part was picking a methodology module, and then presenting it on an HTML we had coded. Which means you not only have to figure out how to do the things required for methodology, but successfully code something. We had brushed on coding at the beginning of the year, and if I could give myself one piece of advice, it would be to pay attention to coding the whole year, and not leave it till the end. But in true college student fashion, I saved learning to code until it was absolutely necessary.

Truth be told, as confusing as it seemed at first, I really enjoyed coding! I think it was the combination of learning something I thought I could never do, and also building something from nothing, and getting to see the progress in real time. I really liked sort of getting to play around with it, refresh the page, and see what I had just done.

For the methodology module, I took all the pictures I had from any vacations/trips I had been on, and made them into one picture. And then I kinda described how I did it, what I used, and what the final product had turned out to look like.

I enjoyed this module the best, because I feel like its the one I can show off the most. It’s definitely the one I put the most work into, but it’s the one I am most proud of. I’m excited to use coding more now.

My final product can be found at


voxy foxy

another day another exciting DGST project done!

Our most recent project was taking an article and basically “reading horizontally”, which I don’t think I can explain in a way that would make sense. We all would be better if I just didn’t try that. I’ll explain the process instead!

My group and I took this article from (link at bottom) about Trump asking the names of the DOE employees who worked on climate issues, and were looking into if this article/information it held was true.

Next we looked at other websites that wrote articles about the same claim. We found the same things from websites like bloomberg, NPR, ABC, CNN, etc.

We didn’t look too much into the actual claim that he asked for the names of the employees once we confirmed that he actually did. The fact that he asked for the names was really just a subpoint in a bigger point Trump was making, and we didn’t want to dive too much into the politics around our claim.

But once we had confirmed our article was a true claim, we filled out our wiki on digipo (link also below). Digipo itself was a little confusing to navigate as it was under maintenance while we were trying to add information. But once that issue was solved it was a little easier.

Over all the project was a success!

link to Vox article:(

link to digipo:

Dissecting a frog…

So we didn’t actually dissect a frog.

But we DID dissect a VCR!

Our assignment was to take an old electronic device and break it apart, and find out where every piece was from!

It sounded not too bad in the beginning, but it turns out chip research is not my cup of tea.

Not to say that I didn’t enjoy it!

I was actually pretty fascinated finding out how much work actually goes into one device. The chips inside come from all over the world, and have so much information about them that it’s crazy to think about.

Our old VCR was from 2002 and the chips inside ranged from Taiwan to California to New York to Japan. It’s strange to think about these little things taking up so much effort to get for one device.

The project was time consuming and tricky, mainly because I think I was learning new skills (how to read chips) and then jumping right into practicing them.

There was a lot of guess work, but some of the guesses actually ended up creating a link between other guesses. For example, finding the chip’s manufacturer, finding out where their factories are located, and then piecing together which factory the specific chip you have came from.

Moral of the story: I have a lot more respect for these tiny little chip dudes than I did before.

but first…. let me take a selfie

My second module in DGST101 is all about the selfie and the art of getting that perfect angle mixed with the perfect lighting to ensure maximum likes on every social media platform!!!

Just kidding, but it is about the selfie. More so, though, how we as individuals portray ourselves on social media. Our online profiles are a representation of who we are in real life, or so we want people to think we’re like in real life. It’s the new first impression.

I’m excited to dive deeper in this project and discover all the ways we subconsciously make ourselves look best online. We all do it, even if it’s just as simple as layering on a filter before we post a picture.

Gif or Jif?

It’s gif, by the way.

In my first module in DGST101, I’ve been learning all about gifs, their history, and how to make them!

It’s a lot easier than I thought because there’s so many websites and apps to help you make them, and of course there’s photoshop and things like that.

I used the website to make my gifs. I just picked two youtube videos and picked a spot I liked, and made my gifs from those!

These were the final products:



(full disclosure, unsure if these gifs will play on here.)

Pretty cool stuff.

What’s a gif anyways?

I’d like to start off this blog post by putting in my insistence that it is pronounced gif, not jif.

That being said, in my first module for DGST 101 I will be learning all about gifs! Not just how to make them, but their history and importance in our every day web-life.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows very little on the subject of Gifs, and I’m so excited to further my knowledge and make them as useful to me as possible! I know it’s a little silly to be as eager as I am for something so small, but I’m just excited to learn as much on the topic of digital studies as I can, no matter how little!

Who knows, maybe my next post will be made entirely of gifs?

Hello all.


My name is Kaylie Benson. This is my very first blog post on my very first real website, so this should be interesting.

I’m 19 years old from Woodbridge, Virginia.  I attend the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. A whopping 45 minutes away from home (on a bad traffic day). Far enough that my parents aren’t knocking on my door, but close enough that they can bring my dog for some visits.

I’ve been swimming since I was 6 years old, and now swim for UMW! It’s a lifelong sport and I’m so glad to have been involved since such a young age. Swimming has brought me my closest friends and taught me lessons that are extremely valuable to me still today. I now teach young kids how to swim for the same organization that taught me to swim, and it makes me so excited to think about the journey they have ahead of them as mine is coming full circle.


I intend to be a communications major. I like people, I like interacting with people and making people laugh. Humor is a big part of my personality and if you can make me laugh, we’ll get along great! My ultimate dream job would be to somehow work for NBC comedy. I’m not that great at writing funny things, I’m not an actor in any sense of the word, so even if I’m just the coffee maker I’ll be the happiest girl in the world!

I have a great family which includes a great dog. We’re DC sports fans (so much so my dog is named after Bryce Harper..), and big Duke Men’s Basketball people. I know how their season is going…let’s not talk about it..

I love the beach, the city, and every place in between.

I’m all around unsure what I want to do with this website, but I know I want to use it, so here’s to trying!

(These pictures make me look artsier than I really am, they were just taken with my phone.)

Happy days to all!

~ Kaylie